Parcel #23-10-26-0000-0450-0000, Deed Book 30 Page 572.   Take Heidt Road south off Silver Lake Drive, turn left on Cherry Trail.   This will lead you to railroad tracks.   Turn right along road next to railroad to road to the right.   Follow this road to the cell tower.   There is an access road on the property belonging to the St.  Johns River Water Management District.  NO TRESPASSING signs are posted on this property, so you should contact SJRWMD for permission to use road.   Take road, by foot south to the Florida Power and Light corridor.   Property lies approximately 1400 feet south of railroad on east section line north of and adjoining FPL power corridor. 


PEOPLES CEMETERY lies north of and adjacent to the FP&L easement on the east line of the section (bounded on the east side by the SJRWMD lands in section 24).   This is a Black (ethnic) cemetery that has been abandoned for more than 50 years.   The gravesites are located approximately 360 feet north and 95 feet west of the southeast corner of the property described in Deed Book 30 Page 572.  


Upon our inspection on October 27, 1999, we found evidence of three graves.   The first was the base of a grave stone consisting of a concrete mass around a portion of marker that has been broken off.   Next to the mass were two broken portions of concrete head stones, one which appears to belong to the mass.   The other was a portion that was a different size, and appears to be of a different stone.   Neither portions had any inscriptions.   There was a depression approximately three feet north of the first mass that appears to be another grave.   We found evidence of concrete at what appears to be the head of the second grave. 


Another grave was found approximately fifteen yards north of the first two.   This grave has been dug up.  It appears to have been dug in two stages.   The first digging was done earlier and has moss growing on the sides of the hole and on the excavated dirt pile.   The last digging was much fresher.  The shovel markings were still evident and had not been washed away.  There was a rusty shovel without a handle lying next to the grave. 


The headstone had been knocked over and broken, but still had the inscription of “Carrie Wiggins,” died ?? 20 1P30 (possibly intended to be 1930) [It definitely is 1930.  Date verified via State Death Index.  MEM-H]  


There were two, what appears to be bone fragments, lying next to the grave site.   This was reported to the Sheriff’s Department.   Two deputies and an investigator came to check the site and file a report.   SATSUMA QUAD.  N 29o 36.566 W 81o39.703.   (Abandoned).


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