PARCEL #02-10-26-0000-1190-0000.  Property is now owned by Dr.  Steve Chapman, who has his dental office at 3520 St.  Johns Avenue, Palatka, Florida.  This is the former burial site of John King and Elizabeth King, his wife, and Florence Holden, a 13 year old.  This information is from the records of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. 


The first permit for Disinterment, Transportation and Re-interment (D-T-R) was issued October 19, 1981, but no action was taken.  The second D-T-R was issued September, 28, 1990, but only the monument was moved to Oak Hill Cemetery in Palatka.  The third and final D-T-R was issued April 5, 1995.  The bodies of John and Elizabeth King were then moved to Oak Hill Cemetery on April 11, 1995, and placed at the monument that had been moved in 1990.  The remains of Florence Holden could not be located for removal.  It is believed that the bones of Miss Holden had decomposed to such a state because of her young age at death, that they could not be found and recovered. 


The King plot on the original King land was willed to Myrtle King Holden.  It was sold later to H. E. Merryday.  John King and Elizabeth Banning were married May 11, 1848 in the parish of Halifax, in the County of York.  John King died Jan. 3, 1890, age 63.  Elizabeth King died Aug.  31, 1898, age 79.  Florence Holden died May 9, 1908, age 13.  (Site location survey on file) PALATKA QUAD.  N 29o 38.950 W 91o 40.158.  (Relocated).


Here are pictures of the King Monument as it now exits in Oakhill Cemetery.  Elizabeth King, John King, and King Monument.


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