Lies in the W 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 OF Section 1, Township 13 South and Range 26 East previously owned by W. H. Parker. Now platted as Lake George Manor, MB 5 P 24, Area A Lots 11, 12 +13 and Area B Lots 19 + 20. Lakeway Drive was platted through the middle of the cemetery but was constructed around the perimeter. Click HERE to view an aerial photograph of the area in question.


Turn North off CR 309 at Georgetown, onto Georgetown Shortcut Road. Go approximately .9 miles and turn right onto Lakeway Drive. Go approximately 1000 feet; road curves to right around cemetery. The cemetery, containing around ten acres, is completely overgrown and there is little or no physical evidence left of the burials here. This is purported to be the burial site of several Buffalo Soldiers but no traces of markers remain. N 29o 24.090 W 81o 37.559. WELAKA QUAD. (Abandoned).


This cemetery is also endangered. A telephone call to the Putnam County Archivist yesterday, June 12, 2002, indicates that a private individual has bulldozed this property and fenced it in claiming it for his own.


July 10, 2002, word came that the above statement was a false alarm. The private individual has mowed and cleaned the underbrush out and in general tidied the place up. Members of the Cemetery Task Force went and investigated on June 27.




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