Located at Davenport Landing, one Civil War Soldier grave.  Take National Forest Road 77 to the right off SR 19 just south of  the Oklawaha River Bridge.  Go 1.9 miles to National Forest Road 46.  Turn right at sign “Davenport Historical Site”.  Follow road to campsite on river.  Look for an old road to right just before campsite.  There is a gate across the road.  You will have to walk approximately 1,350 feet to the “Historical Site”.  Go just past two kiosks, turn right and go down a small embankment to a small stream.  Cross stream.  You may have to look for the trail going east.  Follow the trail east and south about 400 feet to the grave site.  It is marked with four metal posts, about three feet high, with a metal rail around the top. 


The marker reads: “Thomas C.  Fillyaw, b.  May 25, 1830, CORP.  10 BN GA INF, d. Dec 8, 1873, put here by his son T. T. Fillyaw.  There is also a plaque on the end of the fence with additional information, indicating that he was a Corporal.  Plaque gives genealogy as follows: 


T. C.  Fillyaw, b.  9/30/1858 d.  4/15/1941

T. C.  Fillyaw’s son, W. E.  Fillyaw  b.  9/20/1884 d. 11/22/1967

W.  E.  Fillyaw’s children:  J. T., Lora Mae, Willie Opal, John Arvil, Roy Edward, Herbert Lee, Cark Berkman, Elbert Eugene and half-brother Thomas Hunter July 4, 1975. 


NOTE:  This site is referred to as “OCALA SCRUB”  in the note and Polaroid snapshots turned into the Archives.


N 29o 28.249 W 81o 46.147.  LAKE DELANCY QUAD.  (Neglected).




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