Judge Bronson is purported to be buried in a fenced area at the northeast corner of Madison and Second Street on the Bronson-Mulholland House property owned by the City of Palatka, under Parcel #42-10-27-6850-0060-0122.  Judge Bronson was originally buried on the northwest corner of the original 10 acre tract he owned at Sunny Point in 1854.  There are some indications that this may have been the start of a cemetery for St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, located nearby.  There are old documents, still extant, that refer to ‘the Episcopal Cemetery.’


In the late 1800s, Judge Bronson’s remains were moved to Oak Hill Cemetery.  Sometime after 1977, he was re-interred at the present location.  (Although there are many in the county who think the majority of his remains are still at the original site.)


Judge Bronson was a Territorial judge who lived in Palatka prior to Florida statehood.  PALATKA QUAD.  N 29o 38.976 W 81o 37.716.  (Maintained).


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